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ITAR Visitor Double-Sided Badge US Citizen NER (Qty 3) Kit


The kit includes 3 eco-friendly DOUBLE-SIDED badges and clips.  This badge is formatted for use with U.S. Citizen Visitors with no escort requirement for maximum effectiveness and control.  These Double-Sided Badges have the image on both sides for use with a lanyard so that it is visible no matter which side is visible.

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ITAR Visitor Double-Sided Badge US Citizen NER – Quantity 3 Kit.

Visitor identification with an ITAR Visitor Double-Sided Badge is a vital part of today’s corporate world.  ITAR Visitor badges are crucial when it comes to creating a modern secure environment.  Whether it concerns commercial, government or public institution, proper identification of visitors streamlines day to day business processing and efficiency of the entire organization while protecting you from a serious ITAR Violation.

ITAR Badge Green Earth FriendlyVisitor ITAR Double-Sided Badge for use when you have U.S. Citizen visitors that do not require an escort.  These Visitor ITAR Badges are made from 99% PVC and are fully biodegradable; leaving no damaging toxins behind. A great solution for health- and earth-conscious organizations!

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  • ITAR Double-Sided Badge is 3.375” x 2.125” and 30 mil. thick
  • Each ITAR Badge includes an earth-friendly 2.75″ steel clip with a Phthalates-free strap
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ITAR Visitor Double-Sided Badge US Citizen NER 3

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Why is an earth-friendly ITAR Badge a good choice?

Protect you and your employees from a possible ITAR Violation during customer and vendor visits. ITAR Compliance is a serious program important to every US Company. While you protect your company, take a step toward protecting our planet with our biodegradable PVC ITAR Visitor Double-Sided Badge US Citizen NER kit security product. They maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use; they can get wet, be left on a shelf, left in a wallet, printed on, vacuum-formed, cut, embossed, and UV treated without breaking down. Biodegradation takes place only when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present. CVG Strategy cares about the health of our Planet Earth.

Having professional ID Badges such as these Visitor ITAR Badges will help you maintain your site security while having a professional experience for your visitors.  Many companies will use Office Depot still stickers to identify visitors, and although this works it is not the same as using professional-grade ITAR Visitor Badges from CVG Strategy.

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