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Aircraft Military 461G CE101 EZ-Test Plan

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his Electromagnetic Interference Test plan (EMITP) template document set is for Conducted Emissions Testing for procedure CE101.  The EMITP is in the MIL-STD-461 format.  It has been configured and customized to meet the requirements set by MIL-STD-461 for equipment designed for use on aircraft military systems.  This template set contains all required documentation as established in the standard for appropriate EMI/EMC testing.


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EZ-Test Plan MIL STD 461G CE 101 for Aircraft Military Applications

This EZ-Test Plan Test Plan Template is developed for use by manufacturers, contractors, engineering service companies and test labs. This document employs the Electromagnetic Test Plan (EMITP) format specified in DOD MIL-STD-461 per DI-EMCS-801201.  This EZ-Test Plan template (Aircraft Military MIL STD 461G CE101) is customized for requirements applicable for the testing of equipment intended for use in military aircraft.

Test Plans are a requirement for all DOD EMI/EMC and Electrical Compatibility test methodologies.  They serve to inform the laboratory of specific information about the Equipment Under Test (EUT) pertaining to operational modes, frequencies, monitoring, and simulation equipment used, and defined susceptibility evaluation parameters.  This ensures that a proper evaluation will be performed.

Test Plans provide instruction to the test facility for documentation of all test setup and instrumentation parameters so that testing can be replicated at a later date. They also provide the test facility instruction for content of Test Reports as specified in MIL-STD-461 per DI-EMCS-801200.  These test reports provide the required data for post-test analysis and substantiate due diligence for required testing to your customer.

It is essential for product developers of defense materiel to conduct thorough testing at the developmental stage to avoid failures during operational testing that can lead to costly program delays.  An important part in the development of a viable developmental evaluation program is to have well-constructed test plans to ensure that evaluation be conducted that meets requirements for all operational modes of the specific EUT.

EMI/EMC and Electrical Compatibility testing is one of the most challenging hurdles for any product developer especially when that testing is conducted per Department of Defense standards.  Proper test program documentation can provide clarity in the development of evaluative strategies before going to the test facility.

This EZ-Test Plan Template Set (Aircraft Military 461G CE101) includes:

  • Test Plan Template (protected PDF).  This document provides essential information detailing Equipment Under Test (EUT) set up, execution of test procedure, pass/fail criteria, and tolerances.  These test plans are written per the requirements of DI-EMCS-80201.
  • Test Plan Addendum (Word document).   This document is to be completed by the customer to include Equipment Under Test (EUT) specific information as required by DI-EMCS-80201.  This information includes Modes of Operation, Performance Checks, and Monitoring Equipment description.
  • Test Lab Form (PDF Form).  This form communicates to lab the procedure to be performed, test level parameters, and test report requirements specified by DI-EMCS-80201.
  • Test Label (Word document).  The label provides identification of photographs to be taken during the test process.
  • Tests to be Performed (PDF Form).  This form communicates all other methods of test to be performed by the test facility per requirements of MIL-STD-461.

This EZ-Test Plan Template is available or a One-Year License which is renewable for 50% of the standard one license purchase price.

Product Test Experience

EZ-Test Plans have been developed based on CVG Strategy’s extensive experience in  developmental test and evaluation for defense materiel designers.  This military component testing experience has provided an in depth understanding of MIL-STD-461 test requirements and methodologies.  These insights are reflected in our EZ-Test Plan documents.  Put our experience to work for you by incorporating a precise and clear documentation of EMI/EMC and Electrical Compatibility test and evaluation.  We can also assist with a variety of EMI/EMC Consulting Services.